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What do I believe? 

  • Each of us comes into this world as our highest self, and through life, we collect wounds and trauma that stop us from being able to tap into and exist from that place.

  • We all have the power and ability to do the work. 

  • Every obstacle in life is a lesson and an opportunity to get closer to the essence of our being. 

  • The oak tree is no wiser than the acorn, for the acorn contains in it all the knowledge needed to become an oak tree.

Yes, I have my name tattooed on my face.

I created an identity around Grisha. Morals, ethics, values, principles, beliefs, mentalities. It was an intentional and creative act that resulted in me crafting an answer to what I believe to be the most important question we can ask ourselves. I then tattooed my new chosen name mirror flipped on my face as a reminder to be that man.

I was born with the name Gregory. My family and cultural name however had always been Grisha. When I was 15/16 I discovered self actualization and the power of creating a second self. I never felt like a "Gregory" and so I decided to change my name full time to Grisha. With this came a very important question. Who Is Grisha? So I asked myself this question and continued to ask it as my north star.

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