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The first step to knowing where you want to go and who you want to be is figuring our where and who you are. In this step we use shadow work, inquiry and various exercises to identify who we really are.


The answer to the question of who and where am I may not always be one that we want to confront. Learning and practicing acceptance of what is grants us the strength to change it 


Learning to find your truth by listening to your body and recognizing the tricks your mind plays on you is integral to stepping into your power and becoming your own source of guidance


Now that we have gotten rid of the old we have created space for our new more aligned self to shine. This new self leads life with intention and stays rooted in its "why." If you find your why you can endure any how


In the process of becoming this new version of you there will be times when you do not recognize yourself. The same will be true for those close to you. Freeing yourself from the expectations and needs of others/society it crucial. 


Now we bring it all together. For the next 90 days we take everything we have learned, everything we have let go of, everything we have found and everything we have built and put it into practice. 


The Who Is System

Self-actualization isn't a final stop; it's an ongoing journey. We're all part of it, often unknowingly. It's about unity and being, rather than just doing. When our current stage no longer fits, remember: the journey defines us, not the outcomes.


1:1 Coaching Session

A 1:1 Coaching Session dedicated to providing you with resources, insight and perspective on your journey of self actualization

7 Week Package 

A 7-week package of coaching dedicated to taking you through each step of the who is system.

The Complete Who Is

A 7-week package that includes additional resources like Notion templates and my personal knowledge library.

How can we work together? 

1:1 Calls, habit trackers, daily, weekly, monthly planners, and more are all dedicated to ensuring that you stick to the goals and objectives you set for yourself. Bi-weekly check-ins ensure that you're working the system in order for the system to work. 



Putting it all together in a collaborative effort to help you during your process. I will provide advice, insight, and perspective through every step of the process. My goal is to be for you the person I wish I had when I first began my own journey. 



Books, articles, custom-crafted exercises, YouTube videos, blog posts and more all carefully curated and delivered to you as resources to further your education and aid in your journey of developing your Who Is System.



"Not everything we face can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced"

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